Don’t wait until all the adult teeth are through, we can often provide important treatment* before this. When it comes to family dentistry, kids teeth need an experienced specialist who is used to giving the right treatment for perfect teeth every time.

We like to meet patients at age 8-9 years, so that we can plan the best time for treatment. This is especially important if facial growth guidance is needed. An early diagnosis can dramatically reduce the amount of treatment needed and decrease the chance of adult teeth needing to be removed to straighten the teeth.

If treatment is needed early, this is called first phase treatment*. We might do this if your child’s upper jaw is crowded or narrow, or if the lower jaw is too small or large. Most of the braces we use for younger children are straightforward to wear at junior school. It gives a real boost to their confidence entering senior school with their bite corrected, which in turn improves the appearance of your child’s smile. Second phase treatment, if needed, uses the braces stuck to the teeth to fine-tune the positions of the teeth at approximately age 12 (see Teen treatment section).

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